Thursday, May 17, 2007

must. not. freak. out.

As you can probably tell, I was not expecting to hear about referrals for the month of February any time soon. Tuesday afternoon there was a referral on my agency board for someone with a mid-January log-in-date (LID) and I immediately had to go tell Z-man all about it because I'm an obsessive freak conscientious person who follows the lives of my fellow waiters so I can stalk referrals bask in the reflected glow of their happiness. Watching the referral trends is especially important to me because our referral could go either way with regards to court closures. This referral came at 4 months and a couple of days after LID. If we follow the same trend we can expect a referral around the end of June...definitely a danger zone for not getting through courts.

When I told him about the mid-January referral he asked me if I was breaking my promise be more Zen with the adoption process. I told him that I wasn't freaking out yet though I reserved the right to start to freak out when J&C got their referral because they are not very far ahead of us on the list. We laughed a bit and went on with our day. (Actually we left almost immediately to have coffee with a wonderful Ethiopian woman who is going to be a fabulous resource for our family, but that story will have to wait till tomorrow)

Later that evening, I was checking the boards when I noticed that another referral had come in. Imagine my surprise when it was J&C! They have a beautiful 2 month old baby boy but it will be down to the wire if they will be able to make it through courts because he's not eligible for court until the end of July due to the 3 month rule. They waited only 104 days for a referral. You can peak over at my side bar to see how many days we've been waiting...

Now they did skip over a couple of other families who are waiting for referrals of sibling groups, and there is no guarantee that just because they received a referral earlier than anticipated (at least by me) that the same thing will happen in our case. Also, I know that a least one other family has the exact same LID as we do, not to mention the January families still waiting for siblings.... but even if it's crazy, as I told Zman earlier in the day, now I'm officially starting to come unglued.

Would it be obsessive compulsive to shower with my cell phone?

To answer Michelle's question, to the best of my knowledge we should be able to post a picture a soon as we accept the referral; this rule differs from agency to agency. I don't know how long it will take us to accept the referral...we plan to have our ped. and maybe an international adoption clinic look at it first. That doesn't mean that I'll make you wait until then for details though. I'll post as much information as I can as soon as possible.


Elle said...

on the day we were waiting for the court date (that didn't arrive) I told the husband that I wanted to set the baby monitor up in front of the computer speakers so I could hear it when the magic *ding ding* happened. Now that's OCD.

I say sooner than you expect.

Suz said...

Wow, it sounds like it will be here soon! This is so exciting for you!! I can't wait to hear when it happens.

Anne said...

Woohoo!!!! Oh, how exciting. At this point you are REQUIRED to take yur cell phone in the shower!!

Maggie said...

I'm excited for you!