Monday, April 16, 2007

Light a Candle for Dawn

As many of us in the adoption blogging community know Dawn and Joe and have been following their adoption story. They are in a very difficult adoption situation right now and could use all our prayers. They had a long and excruciating wait for a referral which then fell through. They traveled to KAZ and spent several days trying to adopt a boy whose mom unexpectedly came back on his first birthday. They then were referred another child, waited the required number of days, had a successful day in court and waiting out all of the 15 required days to make the adoption final. On the 15th day the child’s birth mother showed up contesting the adoption but not wanting custody of the boy. She wants him to grow up in the orphanage.

Tomorrow Dawn goes to court to determine if her adoption will be upheld and she and her son can come home or if she will return home, having spent all of their adoption funds, without a child. Please keep these people in your heart today and tomorrow and light a candle of hope that this child will have the family he deserves. Please pray that, no matter what the outcome, they will be able to heal from this torturous journey.



Mom-of-5 said...

I will pray for them -how heavy their hearts must be-