Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Enthusiasm needed!

The last few days have been extremely chaotic. Last Friday, we ran and got the few documents we needed authenticated done and got our passport photos taken. The only thing we had to finish at that point was the family photo pages and editing the letter to the orphanage.

Friday evening Cookie got sick and threw up on just about everything in our living room, Saturday I came down with a killer migraine and spent most of the day in bed, and Sunday ZM came down with whatever Cookie had. All this did not stop me from putting the finishing touches on our dossier even though I managed to lose my set of passport photos over the weekend.

Monday morning I got up early, already feeling the dreaded stomach bug coming on. I verified that I had everything I needed for the dossier, packaged it up but didn’t seal it, and ran to get new pictures done at the local supermarket. Luckily they were fast and efficient and the photos came out even better than the last set! (amazing considering the weekend) I then ran to Fed-Ex making it in only 3 minutes before their cut off for mail going out yesterday.

Our dossier is done!! It’s in the mail!! The agency should get it today!!

However, lack of sleep and minor intestinal illness has sapped all the enthusiasm out of the moment. Not to mention that everyone I’ve told has responded in exactly the same way… Oh, that’s nice (change subject). To top off the last few days, Princess now has a major case of the stomach bug and was up all last night throwing up.

I’m counting on you. You all know what a big deal this is, you know how long and hard we’ve worked to get this far. I’m in desperate need of some enthusiasm right now.

(In my husband’s defense, he did go out despite being ill and purchased flowers and a balloon for me…because I’m now an expecting mom!)


Type (little) a said...

The flowers and balloons thing was adorable!

Congrats on being paper pregnant!

MAMB said...

Getting that dossier out of your hands and on its way is HUGE! Congrats! WOOHOO! I remember that big sigh of relief.

Maggie said...

Sorry you're all under the weather. But congratulations on officially being paper pregnant!

Suz said...

Woo Hoo, it IS a big deal to have the dossier on the way!

Sending you lots of enthusiasm!

chou-chou said...

OH MY GOSH!! This is HUGE!


I so envy you - not for for the feeling ill part, though. :-)


(how's that for enthusiasm?

Debbie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better.
That is huge news. Congratz! So very excited for you. I'm not very familiar with your process. How long of a wait do you expect for a referral?