Saturday, October 28, 2006


Ok, everyone who knew that morphine can make you so dizzy that you can’t even lift your head up without wanting to throw up, raise your hand. Now, everyone who knew that morphine can make you so out of it that you basically fall asleep in mid sentence, raiser your hands. And let not forget those you who had some inkling that morphine can make it impossible for a person to pee therefore requiring the dreaded catheter… you can raise your hands too. Now, am I the only person sitting on their hands with a naïve, clueless expression on their face? Silly me!

The surgery went fine and the recovery, as the above shows, a little bumpy. Thankfully I’m now cuddled up in my very own bed fending of kids and cats who all seem to want to sit on my stomach. I’m sore, messy, and still on this stupid clear liquid diet, but in all other respects doing well.

More later when it dosen’t hurt so much to type.


Karena said...

Glad to hear you're home safe and relatively sound!

Margaret said...

Take care! I'm thinking about you.

(And, by the way, I didn't know any of that either... I've had surgery, but I've never been given morphine. Sounds awful.)

Anne said...

Oh, sorry, I should have warned you. Morphine is worse than pain!

I'm glad you're home, glad the surgery IS OVER, and that it went well! Rest and relax, and heal quickly. :)

Sig said...

Oooh, I do not like that morphine either, but glad it is over and you are OK!

Elle said...

yep, I'm raising my hand on this one. Only because when I had surgery last year I experienced all of that. It's only when they try to give you Oxycotin too is when you think you are going to die.

Hopefully you have a better time getting off the "junk" than I did. I laid on the couch with a screaming headache. I had to quit taking the drugs as quick as possible because of it.