Friday, March 24, 2006

Update from the agencies

For those interested, here is what a couple of the agencies had to say about the rumors that no more application are being accepted for infant adoption.

"Adoption Advocates Internatioinal is taking applications. But we are not sending out dossier packets for new applicants. We do have a bit of a backlog and we think it is best to have dossiers done shortly before we will have a baby to refer."
Merrily Ripley,
Adoption Advocates International

"CHSFS Continues to accept applications for any age child or sibling group...we do not have any restriction on application. Infants are considered 0-12 months and the current wait time is approximately 4 months for referral, infant girls may be slightly longer. As the program continues to increase in popularity, this wait time may change."
Jan Simon, CHSFS Ethiopia Program Coordinator

"Dove is currently accepting applications with no restrictions as to age or gender. At this time referrals after the dossier is completed and in Ethiopia are taking 0-2 months regardless of age or gender requested. Of course, as with any agency and any program, wait times are always fluid and dependant on how many other families are in the program, the children available in the orphanage, etc..."
Krista Nichols, Dove Adoptions Assistant Adoption Coordinator


"This is not true for Christian World Adoption. We currently accept applications for boys of any age and accept applications for girls age18 months and older."

Carol Nelson Director of IntakeCWA


jeneflower said...

Have you talked to Wide Horizons for Children? That is our agency and the one that Angelina Jolie adopted her daughter from Ethiopia through. I think they have a really good Ethiopia program.

Tricia said...

I should check in with my financial planner. He and his wife are adopting their second child from Ethiopia and last time we spoke they were planning to make their trip over sometime between now and this summer. I think they were waiting for a referral for a girl over 18 months old. Their son is such a cutie, and sooo smart and charming. I can find out what agency they are using if you'd like.